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what you need is a new body

it feels your brain has lived a thousand lives before

2/1/10 03:30 pm

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9/23/08 08:00 pm - next weekend

any free friday night/saturday morning?

it would go like this:
Friday night - drive to Uniontown around 7PM, go to haunted house ($22), spend night in Uniontown
Saturday morning - drive to Confluence, go to Pumpkinfest, enjoy the company of my family, end up back in Pittsburgh around 5PM

I've got 8 tickets for money off going to the haunted house on Friday. If you're up for coming along, get in touch with me. Again, you'd have to be willing to spend the night out in Uniontown and not come back until Saturday around 5.

Let me know!!

this would be october 3rd and 4th.

8/14/08 10:36 pm

letterbox...on the radio.
my heart is happy

8/11/08 02:03 am

i'm so freaking tired...but all i have to say is...


hooray to meeting new, awesome people and seeing some old, awesome people!!
i'm going to sleep now, i'm sure i'll write more later!!

8/9/08 11:20 pm - song highlights from tonight!

i'm tired, or i'd write more...but here are what i will call "marci's song highlights from the factory showroom focused show":
- token back to brooklyn (all instrumental like)
- sexxy
- pet name
- don't let's start
- how can i sing like a girl
- i can hear you
- till my head falls off
- dig my grave

of those listed above, i've heard a handful (though the only ones above that i truly remember hearing before are don't let's start and till my head falls off)..i've never heard/don't remember hearing seven of those. also, pure amusement at the fact that flans needed notecards to sing The Bells are Ringing, the constant back and forth howling between flans and linnell, and their making fun of the crowd basically for just sitting there and the crowd not quite catching on.

it was nice to go to a TMBG show and not be able to predict a good half to two-thirds of the set. i think that's part of why i was ok taking a "break" from going...i started to look solely for any little banter that would change the sets.

more tomorrow/Monday!

8/6/08 09:47 pm

maybe i'll post something real here soon...but holy shit, am i glad i'm going to the fan appreciation TMBG shows...!!

there are so many songs of apollo 18 and factory showroom that i would die to hear. dinner bell! spiraling shape! see the constellations! till my head falls off! (ok i've seen that one...but again would be nice!) the bells are ringing! the statue got me high!

if i hear even a fraction of those songs (anyone else who read the bulletin TMBG posted? from what i read, it appears only selections, not full albums)...i'll piss my pants with happiness.
the only thing that would make those shows better is Letterbox (they should just play this every time, man) or destination moon...or self called nowhere.

be prepared for WTFOMG posts to ensue...

6/4/08 10:54 pm

my heart is broken :(

either way, our boys did awesome this season. i'm so proud of them!

4/26/08 11:37 am

life is lovely, but this is my question to you, kind people...

who wants to go to philly with me to see Devo...on my freaking birthday? Sat, June 28th.
you know you want to!!!

3/29/08 11:17 pm

i am tired, but all i have to say is....

THEY FUCKING PLAYED LETTERBOX TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it only took 20 shows, but i finally got to hear my favorite they might be giants song live. i am happy.

3/16/08 10:31 pm

so i'm sure i could post more but i'm tired, and just now realized i forgot to say...

i met mo fucking rocca on thursday! i managed to keep hidden the fact that i want to bang him badly, but it was freaking sweet. 2 hours of wait wait was awesome too! i wish the broadcast everything, cause it was just amazing...

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